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As we are all aware, the world has been facing with the Covid 19 pandemic.more than a year now and there's no sign it will dissappear. The virus has mutated to many new variant known as Beta, Delta etc etc. Many of us are have been told to wear face mask, gloves and other protective equipments. Recent study by WHO has not ruled out that the new variant are more sporadic, deadly and airborne in nature.This is very worrying as we are now vulnerable to the attack either in the office, in our vehicles or even we stay at home.

Therefore, to provide more protection to ourselves and our family, my company would like to introduce another protective equipment known as Disinfectant Spray Gun.

We are currently opening business opportunities to keen individuals./ company who want to buy or market the product

Product Features

-Equipped with 8 strong light grains, effectively assist the sterilization function. The normal design of temperature atomization is safer than high-temperature atomization! Not only does the mist sprayer make the liquid medicine ingredients more effective, but it also prevents the generation of harmful gases.

- 800ml container design, can disinfect a larger area one time! Detachable copper nozzle and internal conduit are anti-clogging design, built-in liquid filter, more durable.      

- 2600mAh lithium battery-powered wireless nano electric gun, 2h charge, continuous working time up to 3h. 110V-240V universal rated voltage, safe and convenient.       

-Our disinfectant nano fogger can adjust the amount of spray by turning the switch on the handle. It can reach a spray distance of up to 2 meters.

-In addition to disinfecting and removing odors in homes, schools, companies, transportation, etc., you can also add other liquids to the spray bottle for garden plants; Besides, it can also be used in salons, effective for hair moisturizing and care .


• Nano Blue Light atomizer

• Product weight:0.7kg

• Product size:22-24cm

• Rated power:10W

• Rated Voltage:110-240V/50HZ

• Power supply Voltage:5V

• Battery capacit:MACH 2600

• Duration:3 Hours

• Charging time:2 Hours 

Every homes, office, cars must have this product. Interested parties are welcome to contact us. Price is very affordable. 




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